Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Do you ever have "just one of those days?" Today I had one of those days. The kind of day where I just want to sit around and mope. I don't really know why I had one of those days, but today has definitely been one of the rougher ones I've experienced lately.
This post isn't about me and my sadness. This post is about something bigger. This post is about something greater.

Like I said, lately I haven't exactly been the happiest person, but God works in fantastic and mysterious ways. Last night I received a text from an old friend. It was the most pleasant surprise. She had just texted me to see how I was, just to check in. The Lord has good timing.

Today, after a long day of everything, I left on my lunch (at 3) to get some business taken care of. You know, the usual get your birth certificate, take your picture for your passport and get your long overdue drivers license. Well, all of that was going to happen until I realized the mail had not come, to my dismay.

Depression sets in... that feeling of being useless. That feeling of not accomplishing anything.

That's when I received a text asking if I was at work. Negative, I was driving and not planning on being happy about it.
Then another text, "Okay! I love you! :)"

Have you ever wondered if God was speaking into your life? He was, but he wasn't finished.

Eventually I got back to the church only to find some of the sweetest girls I know sitting in my office. They had made me rocks... yes.... rocks. They made me rocks to show me their love.

God was using them to show me how loved I am.

So to Kelsey and Andrea, thanks for showing me God's love today through the craftiness of rocks. And Ashley, thanks for sitting in my office and drawing pictures. You all are blessings.

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  1. OK, so this is the post that I REALLY wanted to comment on.

    Thank you for being so honest. I truly believe that this is where REAL artistry comes ALIVE! Even this photo of "rocks" has a powerful feel to it....you shot it with intention....i really love the composition.

    I am proud of you, girl. I think you are amazing in so many ways....and I can't wait to see how photography will be used in your life [and in other peoples lives].